CNC Router Machine with Rotary 4 Axis

4x8ft CNC Wood Router for sale with reasonable price Price Range: $3600.00 to $5500.00/ Set according to your configuration The price will float according to the configurations of 4x8ft Wood CNC Router for sale Supply Ability: 10 Sets / Month In stock! Technical parameters of 4x8ft wood CNC...

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Product Details

Multi step cnc router have double work table design, two worktable can be used alternately processing, can greatly improve production efficiency, save production cost.

Product parameters

Unit type

X,Y,Z axis stroke



Fuselage structure

The integral steel structure of the bed, weight support, after tempering treatment, the steel is good, and the strength is great.


Double vacuum adsorption table

Transmission form

High Precision oblique Tooth imported from Germany, Z Axis TBI High Precision Ball Wire Rod in Taiwan

lead rail

PDF guideway in Taiwan / HIWIN guideway in Taiwan

Spindle power

Two 6.0KW Air-cooled Spindle, two 4.5kW Air-cooled Spindle (optional Italian Spindle)

main shaft speed


Driving system

Japan's Yasukawa Servo / domestic Servo plus Japan's Xinbao Reducer

operating system (OS)

Taiwan New Generation system / Baoyuan system Shanghai Weihong system / Shanlong system

working voltage


Maximum air speed


Repeatable positioning accuracy


additional function

High precision cylinder positioning, push device, high power dust cleaning device

Product features

1. Double work table design, two worktable can be used alternately processing, can greatly improve production efficiency, save production cost.

2.Use high performance servo drive, maximize the performance of motor, machine run more smoothly, lower noise, lower heat!

3. New generation / Weihong control system, can achieve power interruption, power recovery recovery, speed A series of functions, such as degree control, the operation is more convenient and more humanized. It can be compatible with many operating software, can be assured to buy and use! 4.The motor spindle is fully used with high speed bearing technology, the speed is higher, the noise is lower, the power is greater, power performance and stability are sufficient. To meet the needs of all kinds of high-speed machining!

5.Flat table, work piece and other engraving materials fixed accurately, easy to use!

6.3 axis all adopt Taiwan original imported wire rod and guide rail, fine and smooth, Can completely meet the high speed and high precision production demand!

7. low-voltage appliances and other components all adopt domestic and foreign professional brands, big brands, use more assured!

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