6090 4 Axis Cnc Router

6090 4 Axis Cnc Router

This machine is very suitable for mass producing of furniture accesories such as desk legs, stair handrails and others

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Product Details

Product Description:

The 6090 4 axis CNC router adopts an integrated design with beautiful appearance and small footprint, which greatly saves space. And the use of improved industrial CNC operating software and typesetting processing software, stable and reliable, the operation is extremely simple, even non-professionals can quickly learn. The processed product has good consistency and good quality, which greatly reduces the purchase cost of the production equipment. It is multi-purpose and economical and affordable, which  is especially suitable for the processing of batch workpieces.


  • Innovative design and high-precision manufacturing, strong steel, no distortion, high positioning accuracy.

  • The fully automatic CNC system is easy to operate, simple to maintain, and more user-friendly.

  • The imported linear guide rail with good rigidity, the slider is pre-tightened.

  • High-power drive with high precision and smooth operation.

  • High-frequency water-cooled spindle, high torque, high speed, high processing efficiency and long service life.

  • Double nut no clearance ball screw ensures high speed operation and high precision.

  • The anti-jamming design of the hardware and software synchronization ensures reliable operation of the system.

  • Equipped with breakpoint breakpoint continuous carving function, timely correct the error code file function, and return to the original point automatic error correction function.

  • Compatible with TYPE3 / Artca / Castmate / UG and other CAD, CAM design and production software.

  • Multi-axis heads and machines of any working size can be manufactured according to customer requirements.





Working size

1200mm ( L)* 300mm (W)* 8 rotaries

Operating systemTaiwan Syntec
MotorJapan Yaskawa servo motor and driver

Spindle power

3.5KW water cooled*10PCS/ 3.5KW air cooled*8pics

Spindle rotating


Max. moving speed


Max. working speed


Reposition precision




Transport package

Standard export packing




12 months, lifetime after sale service


Suitable for engraving of wood, jade, ceramic tile, marble, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other materials. Suitable for stereoscopic 3D processing, cylindrical crafts, cylindrical furniture fittings, stair railings, cylindrical instruments, guardrail railings, Roman columns, three-dimensional Buddha statues and other industries.

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