Best Wood Door Making Machine Cnc Router Machine

Best Wood Door Making Machine Cnc Router Machine

Furniture decoration industry: A large area flat plate engraving, wood, panel furniture carving, wood art mural. Wood cabinet doors carving. Wood products processing: Sewing machine table, electrical counter table, sports equipment. Artwork: Photo frame, jewelry box. Musical instrument industry: Instrument three-dimensional surface engraving, shape cutting.

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Product Details

cnc wood router for sale Application:

CNC Router for Wood can widely apply to Acrylic, color plates, PVC, plastic board, light board, light boxes and other advertising material laser and mechanical engraving or cutting; CNC Router for Wood also used for dimensional wave board processing, cabinet doors, craft wooden doors, and company logo laser engraving carving; furniture, decoration, wooden doors, hollow carved, musical instruments and other items mechanical cutting.

cnc wood router for sale Applicable Materials:

CNC Router for Wood can work on Wood, Acrylic, PVC, Double Color Sheet, Metal Products etc.

Parameter Datas:





Working Area(X,Y,Z)







Perfect Laser also have the ability to custom-made

according to user's special demand

Main Spindle Power


Optional Spindle Power

3KW, 4.5KW, 5KW

Table material

Aluminum Alloy, Cast Steel Structure

Maximum feed height


X,Y,Z Guide way rails type

Square Guide Rail, Gear Transmission

Working Delicacy


Max Engraving Speed


Resolution ratio


Repetition accuracy


Spindle Rotating Speed

18000 - 24,000rpm

Spindle cooling

Water Cooling

Drive motor system

Step Motor and Step Driver(Option: Servo System)


PCI Port or USB Port

Memory buffer (Flash)

500MB (U Disk)

Engraving Command

G code, u00, mmg, PLT, HPG

Command language system

English Version, Windows 98/2000/XP Operation System

Operational Software

Original Type3 Software, ArtCam software or Wentai Software

Command language system

English Version, Windows 98/2000/XP/Win7 Operation System

Software Compatibility

Support CAD/CAM software, PLT format,

Corel Draw, Auto CAD

Working temperature


Relative humidity

30% - 75%

After-sales Services
1. 2 year guarantee for main machine (People damaged are charged).
2. Full technical support\ by e-mail, call and video
3. Lifelong maintenance and spare parts supply.
4. Free design of fixtures as customers required.
5. Free training installation and operation for the staffs.

How to protect my order?
Trade Assurance is a free payment protection service for buyers.
The service is offered by participating suppliers, and is designed to protect your payment

if your order is not shipped on time, or if the pre-shipment product quality (optional) does

not match the terms agreed on your contract. Your payment is protected up to 100% of an

amount - agreed between you and the supplier - called the Trade Assurance Order Amount.

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