Hobby Laser Cutter

Hobby Laser Cutter

laser diamond cutting machine Application 1)Material : Metal and nonmetal material, like stainless steel, carbon steel, acrylic ,aluminum, mdf, metal sheet,wood planks ,bamboo,ABS board etc. 2))Industry : mould, Plexiglass products,Architectural model industry, advertising industry,decorating...

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Product Description:

The hobby laser cutter refers to a small area laser cutting machine that is specially used in small processing places. It radiates the energy released by the laser beam to the surface of the workpiece to melt and evaporate the workpiece for cutting and engraving purposes. This kind of laser cutter has the advantages of high precision, fast cutting. And it is not limited to cutting pattern limitation, automatic typesetting saves material, and the slit is smooth and processed. Those outstanding advantages make it have gradually replaced the traditional cutting process equipment.


  • Stable machine body structure: imported high-precision reducer, rack and pinion and linear guide rail, stable transmission, fast acceleration and high positioning accuracy.

  • High cutting precision: the focusing spot is fine, the cutting surface is smooth and smooth, and the surface is free of burrs and no dross.

  • Fast cutting speed: With the automatic zoom cutting head, the cutting focus position can be changed by the system parameter setting position.

  • Simple operation: powerful process functions such as automatic edge finding and automatic typesetting make operation easier.

  • Low maintenance cost: no working gas is required for work, normal lens replacement and optical path adjustment are required for normal work, maintenance is convenient, and cost is low.

  • Diversified product forms: Controlled by computer, it can cut any complex graphics to ensure production flexibility and product diversification. Can meet the order needs of different customers.


Engraving area


Laser power


Cutting Depth


Cutting speed

Difference material difference speed

Resolution ratio


Power supply


Positioning speed


Operating system

RD  control system

Gross Power


Operating temperature


Operating humidity

5-80%(free of condensed water)

Graphic format supported







Industries: molds, plexiglass products, architectural model industry, advertising, decoration, crafts, electronics and electrical industries.

Materials: metal and non-metal materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, acrylic, aluminum, mdf, metal plates, wood, bamboo, ABS plates, etc.

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