Cnc Machines Stone Laser Engraving

Cnc Machines Stone Laser Engraving

mould, Plexiglass products,Architectural model industry, advertising industry,decorating ,arts and crafts ,electronics and electric appliance industry.etc

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With unique design and advannced technique, our cnc Stone Laser Engraving Machine is the most popular equipment in marble and granite engraving industries and many other heavy materials engraving industries. Meanwhile, it solves the problem that platform has a limited bearing ability. Both parts can be up and down so that engraving objects with greatly thickness-changing is much easier to process.


1) It is a closed circulation chain stainless steel working bench.

2) Video collecting card adopts high-quality draw code technology.

3) Software designing of the shortest route for cutting makes the video recording and pick-up positioning automatically.

4) The visual system of pickup position and make video recording working cooperate with computer software.

5) Adopting high-quality stepping motor imported from Germany.

6) Automatic and multi-axis transmitting system.

7) The high-resolution ratio of identifying camera which located the top, it is similar to the function of hawk's eye.

8) Infrared rectify system automatic.


For materials: It is applied for leather, cloth anticipates, rubber, plastics, the wood of bamboo, bag clothing, shoe, engraving with incising.

For industries: It is applicable to the cow saves to make the cress, embroidery house Spin and weave, trademark, template the paper products to wait for the profession.


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