Co2 Laser Metal and Nonmetal Cutting Machine

Co2 Laser Metal and Nonmetal Cutting Machine

mould, Plexiglass products,Architectural model industry, advertising industry,decorating ,arts and crafts ,electronics and electric appliance industry.etc

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Product Details

Co2 Laser Metal and Nonmetal Cutting Machine


Co2 Laser Metal and Nonmetal Cutting Machine 1325

Working Area

1300mm*2500mm 4.26*8.2(feet)

Working Table

Blade or Sawtooth Blade

Working Speed


Laser Type

Sealed co2 laser tube

Laser Power

150W/280W optional 300W

Positioning Accuracy

±0.05mm(without red dot)

Image Format Supported


Cooling System

Constant temperature water cooling and protecting system

Power Supply

AC220±10%,50-60Hz,30A max

Driving Motor

Servo Motor

Working Temperature


Working Humidity


Whole Machine Dimension


Packing Size


Smoke Exhausting

By Funnel

Auxiliary Cutting Gas

Nitrogen,Oxygen or Air

Gross Power


1,Mixed-cut:metal-Stainless steel,carbon steel and non-metal-acrylic,board .
2.High precision Imported servo motor with imported ball screw tansmission greatly improve the response speed and cutting precision of equipment, extend the time of using
3.High precision and Good stability :With precision ball screw transmission mechanism and optimized the nc system control, it can meet the precision parts processing, stable dynamic performance,also can work for long hours.
4. The cutting section with good quality:Mechanical follow-up cutting head system, cutting head always follows the material to keep the cutting point location unchanged, which insures smooth cutting section without processing again. It can adapt to flat or curved surface sheet cutting.
5.Adopt sealed co2 laser tube,main consumable items are electric energy,water-cooling, auxiliary gas and laser light. 7. Sample structure, easy operation, stable laser device and low maintenance cost.

Applicable industry: Mainly used for advertising industry(stainless metal and carbon steel), sheet metal industry(carbon steel),packaging industry(die board) and so on.

NEW Appearance 1325 Laser Metal Cutting Machine is equiped with co2 laser tube,can be used for cutting metal sheet such as carbon steel,stainless steel and nonmetal materials such as acrylic,die board,MDF,plywood,etc.

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