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Atc CNC Router for Furniture, Cabinet, Woodworking, Advertising
- Aug 03, 2018 -

Basic Info

Model NO.: BKM1325

Customized: Customized

Condition: New

Color: Customized

Trademark: BAOKUN

Origin: China

Product Description

Atc CNC Router for Furniture, Cabinet, Woodworking, Advertising 


1 vacuum table ranking tool-changing engraving machine

2 auto tool changer 

3 6 tool magazine

4 syntech control system or servo system  

Product overview:

ATC CNC Router series,i.e.,are at the service of High-end customers with high demand in automation,  

for its application suitable to 24hrs./day mass production.All the configurations are in high-end configuration  

for best performance and best quality and efficiency.


Machine Model


X.Y working area


Z working area


movement positioning accuracy


repeat positioning accuracy


motor power

6KW air cooling(0-18000rpm)

ldling speed


Working voltage 




Overall dimensions


Working holding



1, sub-keyboard control: simple, convenient and easy to learn the sub-keyboard operation, the user can quickly flexibility to use the equipment, More independence.
2, Taiwan's advanced CNC control systems, intelligent processing cross-border protection functions: to prevent the layout design of the processing rate of more than caused by Machinery collision phenomenon. Intelligent processing speed control: the processing speed can be controlled, truly improve processing efficiency, extended tool life, Improve the yield.
3, cleaning, adsorption devices: cleaning system in the course of processing wood and broken suction take Mo, to maintain the disguise of the table clean equipment For the maintenance;absorption system to replace

 the previous mechanical plate fixed to improve the processing time for handling outside the plate.
4, the paper pretreated advanced features to help users promptly corrected the mistakes in processing documents, and to good-compatible domestic and foreign multi - Kind of software (such as Mastercam, Typ3, UG, Artcam, Caxa,

etc.) generated by the processing code. Advanced three-dimensional curves prediction algorithm, the presentation of
A smooth line to ensure that the curve of speed and accuracy.
5, windows-based platform for the NC embedded systems, upgrading of unlimited expansion. Synchronization of anti-jamming software and hardware design, to ensure that System time reliable operation. A breakpoint, continued carving

off function, back to square with automatic correction features, effectively guaranteed in a long time The accuracy of processing work.
6 with two seamless steel structure used welding, rigid strong, not deformed.