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Laser Tube Is The Most Critical Part Of The Laser Machine
- May 21, 2018 -

It is the most critical part of the laser machine. It is usually made of hard glass and generally adopts layer sleeve structure. The innermost layer is a discharge tube, the second layer is a water-cooled tube, and the outermost layer is a gas tube. Carbon dioxide laser discharge tube diameter is coarser than He-Ne laser tube. The thickness of the discharge tube generally has no effect on the output power, and the diffraction effect caused by the size of the spot is mainly taken into account and should be determined according to the length of the tube. The length of the tube is slightly shorter. The discharge tube length is proportional to the output power. In a certain length range, the power output per meter discharge tube length increases with the total length. The purpose of adding water jacket is to cool the working gas, so that the output power is stable. The discharge tube is connected to the gas storage tube at both ends. That is, one end of the gas storage tube has a small hole communicated with the discharge tube, and the other end communicates with the discharge tube through a spiral return gas tube, so that the gas can be circulated in the discharge tube and the gas storage tube. Flow, exchange of gas in the discharge tube at any time