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Multi-Heads Wood CNC Router
- Sep 01, 2018 -

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Model NO.: BKM1318

  • Product Name: Multi-Heads Wood CNC Router

  • Function: Full Automatic

  • Trademark: BAOKUN

  • Certification: CE

  • Motor: Stepper/Servo

  • Type: Wood Process and Matching Equipment

  • Origin: Wuhan

Multi-heads Wood CNC Router

Multi-spindles CNC Routers
Detailed Product Description
1. Rotary attachment is optional, which enable the machine to engrave on column workpieces
2. Equipped with 2 to 4 heads

Equipped with 2 to 4 heads; The machine one time can complete the works done by several machines, to save cost and improve the working efficiency.
The distance between heads can be adjusted according to the working pieces being processed.
It is possible to start any one of the heads only.
Spindle power is selected according to customer's requirements.
Rotary attachment is optional, which enable the machine to engrave on column work-pieces like table leg.
Especially firm structure and special design on details make the machine to achieve

X, Y, Z working area   1200x1200x100mm (47.2x47.2x3.9 inch)
1300x1800x100mm (51.2x70.9x3.9 inch)
1300x2500x200mm (51.2x98.4x7.9 inch)
X, Y, Z traveling position accuracy < =0.1mm
X, Y, Z reposition accuracy < =0.1mm
Table surface PVC
Lathe bed Cast
X, Y transmission High accuracy gear rack
Z transmission Imported ball screw
Max power consumption(without spindle) 12kw
Max travel speed 30m/min
Max working speed 20m/min
Spindle power motor 1.5kw *2, 1.5kw*3, 1.5kw*4, 1.5kw*5
Spindle speed 24000r/min
Driver system Step motor
Working voltage 380V/220V
Command language G code
Operation system DSP
Interface USB
Flash memory 128M
Collect 3.175-12.5
X, Y resolution < =0.1mm
Software UCANCAM, Type3