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Plasma Cutting Machine Automatic Cutting Operation Program
- May 21, 2018 -

(1) Automatic cutting is mainly suitable for cutting thick workpieces. Select the "cut thickness selection" switch position.

(2) After the torch roller is unloaded, the torch is connected with the semi-automatic cutting machine, and the attachment is provided in the attachment.

(3) Connect the power of the semi-automatic cutting machine. According to the shape of the workpiece, install the guide rail or radius rod (if it is a linear cutting guide, if you cut a circle or an arc, you should choose a radius rod).

(4) If the torch switch plug is turned off, replace the remote control switch plug (included in the accessories).

(5) According to the workpiece thickness, adjust the appropriate walking speed. And put the “down” and “shun” switches on the semi-automatic cutting machine in the cutting direction.

(6) Adjust the distance between the nozzle and the workpiece to 3 to 8 mm, and adjust the center of the nozzle to the start bar of the workpiece kerf.

(7) Turn on the remote control switch, cut through the workpiece, and turn on the power switch of the semi-automatic cutting machine to cut it. In the initial stage of cutting, attention should be paid to the condition of the kerf and adjusted to a suitable cutting speed. And always pay attention to whether the two machines work normally.

(8) After the cutting is completed, turn off the remote switch and semi-automatic cutting machine power switch. At this point, the entire process of cutting is completed.