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Plasma Cutting Machine Cutting Operation And Personnel Protection
- May 21, 2018 -

1. The plasma cutting machine used at the site shall be equipped with a rain shelter, moisture-proof and sun-protecting machine shed, and corresponding fire-fighting equipment shall be installed.

2. When cutting at high altitude, safety belts must be fastened. Fire protection measures must be taken around the cut and the cutting area and special supervision should be provided.

3. When it is necessary to cut the pressure vessels, sealed vessels, oil drums, pipes, and workpieces containing combustible gas and solution, the pressure in the vessels and pipes should be eliminated first, and the flammable gas and solution should be eliminated, and then washed. Toxic, harmful, flammable Substances; Containers containing residual grease should be washed with steam, alkaline water, and open the cover, confirm that the container is cleaned, and then filled with water before cutting. Welding in the container should take measures to prevent electric shock, poisoning and suffocation. Sealed and sealed containers shall be provided with air holes. Where necessary, equipment ventilation equipment shall be installed at the inlet and outlet. The lighting voltage in the container shall not exceed 12V. The welder and the workpiece shall be insulated. The outside of the container shall be provided with special personnel to monitor. It is forbidden to cut in containers that have been sprayed with paint and plastic.

4. It is forbidden to cut the pressure vessels and pipelines under pressure, the live equipment, the bearing parts of the load-bearing structure and the containers containing flammable and explosive materials.

5. It is not allowed to hang in the open air on rainy days. When working in wet areas, operators should stand in places where insulation is placed and should wear insulated shoes.

6. After work, cut off the power supply and turn off the air and water supply.