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Why for Medical Equipments Laser Marking is the Best Solution!LASER ENGRAVING
- Jul 07, 2018 -


There are thousands of equipment, devices, and tools in hospitals and medical facilities which make it possible for staff and doctors to go about their jobs every day. Identifying each one of them and putting them to their purposed use is very important and that is why they have to be marked.

Marking safeguards the safety of patients, keeps members of staff accountable, makes it easy for the maintenance team to service medical equipment, helps the procurement department to procure the right equipment and at the right time, and keeps the details of the manufacturer. Laser Marking Machine saves everyone’s time and keeps medical facilities and hospitals running smoothly.

Why Laser Marking is Important

In 2013, Food and Drugs Association (FDA) made laser marking of medical equipment mandatory. This is because all medical equipment needs to be identified and traced. The FDA requires that the marks (logo, alphanumeric content, 2D code) are clear and the text can be read by the machine and human beings.

Unique Device Identification

The FDA requires that all medical equipment bear a Unique Device Identification (UDI). This assigned “unique identifier” carries with it the name of the manufacturer, the make or model of the product, expiry date – if applicable and unique attributes if any.

The government issues guidelines on marking equipment with unique identifiers, and these marks are practically on all devices that get used in the medical field from the very tiny devices like implants to the large equipment. Laser marking is compulsory.

How to Laser Mark

Laser marking can be done on selected or specially prepared plastic surfaces, metallic ones and even on delicate materials like foil and laminate. Contrary to other forms of labeling, laser marking does not involve any contact. All types are done by use of beams. The material or surface to be labeled determines the type of laser mark that will be made.

Types of Laser Marking

This is done by melting and it works on dark plastics. The marked area becomes lighter than the rest of the plastic

This process makes an etch by melting and evaporating, leaving behind an impression of the design, logo, numbers and text.

This works by leaving darker marks and it works best on wooden or leather surfaces.

This kind of marking is done by causing heat effect. The marked parts changes color – like it happens when you burn something.

This is exclusively done on metals and it involves heating. On exposure to laser beams, the surface undergoes oxidation due to the heat effect and then it changes color.

Like the name suggests, this kind of marking is done by getting rid of the top coat of a material and it’s mostly preferred on laminates, foils, metals that are coated, and anodized aluminium (aluminium that has been made to be resistant to corrosion, and durable).