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Woodworking Double Heads CNC Router Machine for Furniture
- Nov 08, 2018 -

Woodworking Double Heads CNC Router Machine for Furniture Basic Info

Model NO.: BJT1325-T5
Controlling Mode: CNC
Multi Head CNC Router Power Source: Electric
Processing Accessory: Centre CNC Lathe
Transport Package: Wooden Box
Multi Head CNC Router Specification: 1300*2500*200mm
HS Code: 8456100090

Woodworking Double Heads CNC Router Machine for Furniture Product Description

Equipment advantage:

1. This CNC router machine tool is designed to be welded with a trapezoid thick wall, and the structure is stable after the special treatment, and the machining precision is higher after five surface milling.

2. The special control system of CNC driving machine, the anti-interference ability of computer cabinet is strong and easy to dissipate heat and easy to operate;

3. The three-axis of CNC driving machine adopts the Taiwan original guide rail, the X/Y axis adopts the German high-precision helical tooth rack, and the z-axis adopts the Taiwan raw nut screw.

4. Automatic lubrication system, timing lubrication equipment to ensure smooth operation of equipment;

5. Double layer adsorption mesa, the whole machining and milling of mesa welding strip, and improve the process of machining small workpieces to ensure that there is no dislocation;

6. The positioning cylinder adopts independent research and development of cast iron cylinder seat, which guarantees the positioning and machining accuracy of the plate.

7. The four-process CNC cutting machine can automatically switch to realize the cutting of plate, the groove, the vertical hole, the engraving and the integrity of the sheet.


Woodworking Double Heads CNC Router Machine for Furniture Product features:

Saving time: The machine is fast and the plate is fixed. The machine can be cut automatically according to the size of the input sheet, without the need of extra manual operation to improve the processing efficiency.

Saving material: Optional automatic typesetting software, to ban traditional CAD draftsmen, tear open a single master, cutting master, simply type plate size, software for the layout optimization, plate efficiency can reach more than ninety percent, increasing the service efficiency of sheet metal, reduce the cost of raw materials.

Saving lobor: Previous blanking equipment and so on the push table saw, need two people operating, workers need to constantly rotating plate, working strength is big, open more than one machine can operate machine, working strength is small, thus saves labor cost;

High quality:The plate cutting has no collapse and is accurate in size, which provides an effective guarantee for later installation.

Suitable for plate customization furniture: cabinet, wardrobe, office furniture and so on

Woodworking Double Heads CNC Router Machine for Furniture